NEET-PG 2024 Postponed: Ministry of Health , NBE Issue a Joint Statement

The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare has announced the postponement of the NEET-PG 2024 Entrance Examination, which was scheduled for June 23, 2024. This decision follows recent incidents and allegations regarding the integrity of various competitive examinations, prompting the Ministry to ensure the robustness and fairness of the NEET-PG process. Conducted by the National Board of Examinations (NBE) in Medical Sciences, NEET-PG is a critical examination for medical graduates in India seeking admission to postgraduate medical courses. It plays a pivotal role in shaping the careers of thousands of aspiring doctors each year.

According to an official notice issued by the Ministry on June 22, 2024, the postponement is a precautionary measure aimed at upholding the sanctity of the examination process. The Ministry emphasized that this decision has been made in the best interests of the students. The fresh date for the NEET-PG 2024 will be announced at the earliest possible time, and students are advised to stay updated through official channels for further announcements.

The Ministry of Health has decided to undertake a thorough assessment of the robustness of the NEET-PG Examination processes to ensure a fair and transparent examination system for all candidates. The decision underscores the Ministry’s commitment to maintaining the highest standards of integrity in the examination process. The Ministry sincerely regrets any inconvenience caused to the students due to this postponement.

The National Board of Examinations also released a notice on June 22, 2024, confirming the postponement and reiterating the Ministry’s commitment to a fair examination process. The NBE emphasized that the new date for the NEET-PG 2024 will be notified at the earliest and deeply regrets the inconvenience caused to the students.

The postponement of the NEET-PG 2024 Entrance Examination reflects the Ministry’s dedication to ensuring a transparent and robust evaluation system. While this decision may cause temporary inconvenience, it is necessary to uphold the integrity of the examination process. Students are encouraged to continue their preparations and stay informed through official updates for the new examination date. For the latest updates, candidates should regularly check official announcements from the National Board of Examinations and the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare. The authorities are working diligently to reschedule the examination and ensure a smooth and fair process for all candidates.

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