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By January 2020, Dr.Srinivas Rajkumar T , MD was elected as the General Secretary of Resident Doctors Association, AIIMS, New Delhi. The following days saw the world face an unprecedented pandemic, COVID19. This page is an attempt to curate the media appearances and major activities. Whenever possible the news articles have been uploaded as pdf.

Major Media Releases in 2020

January 2020:

Election Results :

February 2020:

March 2020:

Representing causes outside AIIMS:

Help and Solidarity:

24/03/2020 – Home Minister called and ensured strict action on those involved in Ostracisation of Health Workers.

Live on Urban Debate: Ostracisation of Health Workers.

April 2020:

Demand for whistelblower protection from Prime Minister – Narendra Modi.

Republic TV Debate: Attack on Corona Warriors:

I emphasised on sensitising the people. As Gandhi said, the answer for violence is not violence. When fear grips, people tend to act irrationally.

May 2020:

Is your mobile phone carrying COVID19 ? – Economic TImes

June 2020:

After a show cause notice by AIIMS, I thought it would be a good idea to explain the situation and clear up any misunderstanding. Types of N95 masks, their utility and scope of improvement. On TimesNow.

July 2020: