EWS, OBC, SC/ST Reservation in India Q&A

I am addressing the questions asked by my friends related to this issue and relevant news articles over twitter, facebook and email. Feel free to correct me where I am wrong. Basis of Reservation ? Available data shows that the demographics of people in power is not representative of the overall demographics. This is attributedContinue reading “EWS, OBC, SC/ST Reservation in India Q&A”

Lokpal member Ajay Kumar Tripathi succumbs to COVID 19

Lokpal member Ajay Kumar Tripathi who tested covid19 passes away at AIIMS New Delhi, May 2 Lokpal member Ajay Kumar Tripathi, 62, who was COVID-19 positive died after sudden cardiac arrest in New Delhi on Saturday. Since April 3, he was admitted at AIIMS’s Trauma wherein he was seeking treatment for coronavirus. “Tripathi suffered aContinue reading “Lokpal member Ajay Kumar Tripathi succumbs to COVID 19”