Sanghi / Bhakt – A psychological analysis

Disclaimer : The analysis is purely for educational purposes. All references are at the end of article. Read full article before commenting.

Purpose: This article will help common public understand themselves and those around better. After reading if you identify yourselves as ‘Sanghi’ you can make changes and reform yourselves to a better person.

A quick Google search would state that Sanghi – refers to members of R** and other allied organisations.

Is this phenomenon specific to India ?

No. Such groups and tyrants have existed in history, continue to exist in other parts of the world.

In the words of Sydney J Harris, “History repeats itself, but in such cunning disguise that we never detect the resemblance until the damage is done. ” So it is important to take lessons from history and understand the present.

Urban dictionary has interesting responses .

Response 1.


Indian version of kebab remover.

Sanghis are the people who keep India from Islamic takeover.
Liberal cuck : will you marry me?
Girl : Shut up normie, I will only marry a sanghi.

by MasterVijayan69 January 08, 2020

Response 2:

A new species which mutated out of homo sapiens during the early 21st century. The mutation is largely because of drinking cow urine and having a bachelor’s degree from Whatsapp University.

Scientists often use the Rhesus monkey to compare the characteristics of Sanghis. Thus sanghis are very aggressive and can go ape-shit crazy when provoked and are also found to have a 60% small brain volume than an average human.

They are binomially called as Namo Sapien. Several scientific studies have kept sanghis together with the Neanderthal while others have kept them in an order similar to that of a Macaca mulatta (Rhesus monkey) in terms of taxonomical heirarchy

In their group sanghis position themselves based on rank. The “central male subgroup” contains the two or three oldest and most dominant males. This subgroup determines the movements of other sanghis like rioting, spreading fake news on whatsapp and other routines like drinking cow urine.

Sanghis interact using a variety of facial expressions. The most common is the “silent bared teeth” face. This is made between sanghis of lower-ranks to the superior sanghis. Another submissive behavior is the “present rump”, where a sanghi raises its tail and exposes its genitals to the dominant one. Another very rarely absorbed submissive behaviour is the “arnab” where the sanghi when singled out by a homo sapien stays silent and makes very less physical movements as not to provoke the other homo sapiens.
Sanghi: Hey, Do you know about Modi’s secret plan to send Muslims, Christians and dalits to the Moon through a special rocket personally designed by modi?

Arvind: Man, that’s not even possible!

Sanghi: Fuck off! you anti-nationalist.

by 1Power February 12, 2020

Quora has a mix of responses. Read here

Psychological Analysis :

In popular culture, ‘Sanghi’ refers to a person who has rigid beliefs and does not subscribe to reason. Their beliefs are mostly one propagated by a Tyrant or Political Party. The resultant behavior causes conflicts and disharmony in the population. This also differentiates him from the modern cultured human being who believes in reason and strives harmony and coexistence of people of different faiths, race and other arbitrary differences.

So why does this happen, let’s dive deeper.

1. Personality Factors:

Narcissistic and Antisocial Personality traits and disorders are disproportionately present in individuals who follow strongmen and are indifferent to the suffering of fellow human beings.

2. Early childhood experiences :

A more critical, less responsive and less privileged environment, create a longing for a strong parental figure and group which provides a feeling of power by association. They are more likely to accept extremist ideas and strong leaders to overcompensate for the deprivation.

3. Poor cognitive flexibility :

Rationalism is uniquely human. The ability to change the previous beliefs and practices based on newly available information is a gift not many are endowed with. When challenged with contradictory beliefs , individuals experience ‘cognitive dissonance’ . Changing a pre-existing belief or forming a new opinion requires enough intelligence and effort. Either due to lack of intelligence and reluctance to invest time, they try to retain the previous beliefs than change them.

To be contd.

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